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Sandwich Prep Table Drawer

Strong & Durable Cabinet Finish

- Stainless steel finished top, front, sides and doors


High Density Polyurethane Insulation

- Foamed in place high density polyurethane insulation used throughout the cabinet

Practical and Heavy Duty Covers

- Insulated stainless steel covers eliminate heat transfer and protect products when closed

- Insulated pan cover keeps pans colder to lock in freshness - minimizes condensation

Practical Cutting Board

- Deep (9 1/2") and reversible cutting board is easily removed for cleaning or additional use

User Friendly Drawer

- Full-pan-mountable size drawer provides convenience in using

- Sturdy and easy grip handles that open effortlessly


Automatic Evaporation & Defrost System

6”deep Pans Provide Greater Capacity

Locking Divider Bars Secure Pans

5" Heavy Duty Casters with Brakes Standard


Enhanced Airflow hold Product Temperature 32℉~41℉


- Door/Drawer combination models require customer to designate door/drawer orientation

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